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Coastal 35 Consulting is a consulting firm serving a diverse clientele including industry and
private enterprises, as well as public agencies in the field of environmental sciences. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with high-quality, timely and cost effective consulting services that always meet or exceed their requirements and expectations. Our company was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Atascadero, California.

Jennifer Klaib, Environmental Consultant


Jennifer Klaib founded Coastal 35 Consulting in 2019 and has over 15 years of experience in marine project management, environmental assessment of coastal and offshore development projects, monitoring of construction impacts on marine resources, and permitting of coastal projects.  Ms. Klaib is experienced in handling complex scientific regulatory and environmental issues, and has effectively interacted with local, state, and national agencies. She has successfully led teams through complex and challenging projects throughout the United States.

Ms. Klaib has over 17 years of offshore marine wildlife monitoring experience.  She is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries-qualified marine wildlife monitor. Ms. Klaib has extensive experience in developing marine wildlife contingency plans and in organizing qualified teams of Marine Wildlife Monitors to monitor the effects on marine mammals and turtles during geophysical surveys and construction projects throughout the United Stated and Hawaii. In addition, Ms. Klaib has worked with agencies to design and implement Aerial Monitoring Plans, to monitor the distribution of cetaceans, pinnipeds, and turtles offshore.

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