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Our clients are the best reflection of the services we offer!

"Working in the marine environment requires knowledge of both the physical and biological resources in the field, as well as how the project related vessel operations might impact them.  Coastal 35 provides knowledgeable staff who can effectively monitor marine operations while adapting to the ever-changing site conditions and operational schedule."

Simon Poulter - Padre Associates, Inc.

"I started working with Jennifer over 15 years ago, and while she cared passionately about protecting our environment, she also worked with us to find a solution to complete our project while maintaining the safety of the marine mammals.  Her approach has never changed, and she is highly respected not only by our team here in California, but also by many of the clients we have worked with as well as her peers.  Her integrity makes her the first person I go to when I need a protected species observer, or environmental consulting."

Cynthia Pratt - Fugro USA Marine, Inc.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Jenn Klaib at Coastal 35 for the last 16 years on multiple projects. Her professionalism and dedication to accuracy and efficiency has played a significant role in the success of our projects. When we are looking for an environmental resource to manage a multitude of requirements, Jenn is always at the top of our list."

Dan Holmes - Longitude 123, Inc.

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